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Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell / Regenerative Medical Therapy
In-House and Available Today!!!
In November 2010, we were the first veterinary practice in the state of Kansas to use in-house adipose stem cell therapy to reduce pain and increase mobility in pets.  Working exclusively with MediVet-America we have perfected their in-house stem cell processing to allow us to get the greatest number of stem cells from each animal.  We have done over 70 adipose stem cell procedures in dogs and cats with greated than 90% success in returning function to treated animals. In 2012,we started working cooperativly with equine veterinarians to provide this technology to horses with acute or chronic injuries and arthritis with equally spectacular results.
Stem cell therapy is currently a proven way to improve joint health and well-being in both companion animals and horses, without the life-threatening side effects of steroids or nonsteroida anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Our technology uses a surgically obtained fat sample from the animal being treated that is processed to seperate the stem cells into a concentrated form that is reinjected into their original host. These are not embryonic stem cells (that are controversial in human medicine) or stem cells from another animal but simply the pets own healing cells in a concentrated and activated form ready to start the healing process with no chance of negative reaction.
 Stem cells circulate throughout the body, serving as a source of repair cells for both injury and routine aging. They are found in higher numbers in young animals, migrating to injury sites to speed up the process of healing. As animals age, these cells become more sedentary and there are fewer stem cells circulating throughout the body. Fat is a very rich source of mesenchymal stem cells, which research is showing are the primary stem cell involved in the healing process. The fat tissue is easily harvested through minor surgery (subcutaneous or abdomenal sources in pets, or, in the case of horses, using liposuction to collect subcutaneous fat). Once the stem cells have been seperated and activated, they are injected into the affected joint or area for direct activity; or, can be given intravenously where they migrate to the area of injury to repair and rebuild the damaged tissue.
In our practice, we remove two to four tablespoons of fat (20-40 grams) from the small animal - 40 grams from horses - and use an in-clinic procedure from Medivet-America to isolate the adipose stem cells found within the fat, re-activate them, and add them to a platelet rich plasma from the same animal. The resulting mixture is returned to the animal within 3-4 hours. The stem cell "Magic" then begins to heal, repair and soothe the injury site and begin differentiating into the specific cell types needed for healing—rebuilding muscles, bone, ligament, cartilage, and reducing pain and inflammation.
Adipose Stem Cell Therapy is the State of the Art method for treating :
  •  Hip dysplasia
  • Degeneration or injury to ligament, tendon, muscle or bone
  •     -If surgical repair is needed, Stem Cells increase the speed of recovery and
  •       prevent arthritis formation after surgery
  • Osteoarthritis - including cartilage damage
  • Skin diseases - including Atopy and severe allergies
  • Autoimmune diseases in both dogs and cats
  • Chronic kidney failure especially in cats
  • Cognitive dysfunction (Canine Alzheimers Disease)


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